November 21st, 2007


Good old Conservapedia

tongodeon brought this list of Conservapedia's most popular articles to my attention.

Every so often I look at Conservapedia's article on dinosaurs to see how much space is given to the idea that dinosaurs might still walk among us. Today I found this note on the talk page for that article:
Much as I respect the fervor of Jack Chick's fundamentalism, there is a question whether we -- as an encyclopedia -- want to endorse his scholarship as a primary source.

Hat is complete.


It appears to be way too big for a little kid, so I'm not sure what to do with it. Maybe I will bring it to Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow and consult my sister and brother-in-law.

(sanspoof, this is some of the yarn you gave me.)

I used this pattern. Er, I just now noticed that there's a worsted weight version of the pattern. Whoops, that would have been good to notice sooner! Actually, it looks like that would knit up really quick, so maybe I will use the rest of the yellow yarn to make one in that size -- I think I might have enough.