December 15th, 2007


car news

I went to a party at restartsmyheart earlier tonight. I gave knittingarch a ride there and we got there around 7:30 pm.

A little after 10 pm I decided to call it a night and so I went out to the parking lot I had parked in. My car was gone. I double-checked and walked around that parking lot and a neighboring one but my car resolutely continued to not be where I left it. This was not good.

I returned to restartsmyheart's apartment and she called the building management who in turn told me to call the police. I called 911 and got transferred to an office that could check to see if the car had been towed (either by the city or by a private company). It hadn't.

So I got transferred back and gave them my information. They sent a policeman out to fill out the police report.

He got my information. I told him that my guitar and my keyboard amplifier had been in the car and asked him what I should do about it. (After later consideration, it occurred to me that my iPod was in there too. Also a couple of Christmas presents, but compared to the other stuff it's hardly worth mentioning.) He said that I should tell my insurance company about them when I call them tomorrow and that if they aren't in the car when it's recovered then a claim can be made then. alexandrahawk (who had accompanied me outside) asked if he could make a mention of them in the report, but he dismissed the idea. I asked if I should call around to pawn shops tomorrow or what and he said, "Well, you're assuming the worst here." I said, "Yes, I am." (Is someone going to steal my car and then leave my nice, handy, portable guitar untouched?) He said I could try it but that he didn't really trust the pawn shops to be honest about that kind of stuff but I could try it if I felt like it. He had me sign the police report and he left. plant_geek gave me a ride home. Thanks to everyone for their support and help.

So tomorrow I'll call my insurance company and we'll see what happens. In the meantime, if anyone sees a blue/green Toyota Corolla with a 'Barbara Haller for City Council' bumper sticker and the license plate LZ-869 please let me know.