January 4th, 2008


slipstitch pouch knitting instructions

A while ago I knitted a little pouch using some leftover Noro and started using it to hold little guitar-related things: a capo, a slide, some guitar picks, an egg shaker. Unfortunately it was in my guitar case when the guitar was stolen, so yesterday I decided to knit a new one using some leftover Tahki Donegal Tweed from the blanket I finished knitting a couple of days ago.

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accordion santa

Knitted mushroom instructions

I used some random white yarn with small splotches of blue for the body of the mushroom (I'm not sure of the brand; I think I got it through a yarn swap) and a small amount of purple Cascade 220 for the gills on the bottom of the cap. I also used a very small amount of poly fill as stuffing. Collapse )