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In my previous post I predicted that nobody would show up for our show yesterday due to the conflict with Game 7, and sunburn wondered if I was right or not. Rather than answer there, I choose to create a new Livejournal answer dedicated to the issue! Yay free will!

The answer is, yeah, it was pretty accurate. There were times when there were a bunch of people in the coffee shop, but nobody I knew (with one exception), and the vast majority of the time there were six or fewer customers.

The exception was one of the science teachers I had in junior high school, who didn't know I was going to be playing there but happened to stop in with his daughter and enjoyed our playing and then told me I looked vaguely familiar. He requested that we play a Grateful Dead song, so we played Dire Wolf, and he was pretty psyched and asked for our information and said he would recommend us to people he knew and suggested some places we might try to get gigs. Yay junior high school science teacher!

The evening came to a slightly depressing note. We made a total of seven dollars in tips. Also, we were told at the beginning of the evening that we had twelve bucks credit for food, so we each got a sandwich, I got a couple of sodas, and Chris got some coffee. At the end of the evening we were told that it was $12 total, not $12 each as we had assumed, and so it turned out that we owed the coffee shop $6.84, giving us a tidy profit of eight cents each. Oh well.

Then I got to listen to the Red Sox lose to the Yankees on the ride home (the final home run was hit just as I was pulling into my parking space). Waah!

Still, the show overall was fun and what little feedback we got was positive, and I think we would have done a lot better had we not been competing with the baseball event of the decade. I wrote to the proprietors after I got home and let them know that we were interested in doing another show if they wanted to have us back.

The set lists:

Sound Check:
Sweet Home Chicago

1st set
Rider on the Rain
Early in the Morning
Early In The Morning
That's All Right
Low Land
Big Road Blues
Cabbage Head
Mick McGuire
Dead Flowers
Dire Wolf
Before You Accuse Me
Midnight Special
Thorn In Your Side

2nd set (as best as I can remember)
The Local Expatriate
It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry
Sin City
Lady Luck
Folsom Prison
Bright Lights, Big City
Gypsy Woman
Johnny B. Goode
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