Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

accordion advice requested

I mentioned to my mother tonight that I wanted to buy an accordion next year, and she became very enthusiastic about buying me an accordion RIGHT NOW for Christmas, which is a pretty good deal!

So I told her I would do some research, and as there are a surprising number of accordion players on my 'friends' list, I thought I would ask your advice first. I haven't played one before (apart from fiddling around with plorkwort's a little in Boston once).

The one music store around that I know has some accordions is this place: http://www.lucamusic.com/accordions.htm so if those prices seem reasonable, and if any of those are accordions that I potentially should actually buy, then I might do that.

More generally, I'm wondering what I should look for in an accordion, if it's better to buy used or new, how much I should expect to pay to get a decent one, and, you know, questions like that.
Tags: accordion

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