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A little while I got home from Nick-A-Nees. I was there with Chris Monti trying to book a show for our group The Killdevils. And we succeeded!


Thursday, December 22, from 9 pm to midnight, Chris and I will be playing at Nick-a-Nees at 75 South Street in Providence. I believe it will be a free show.

If we draw a lot of people then the owner may book us to play there regularly (every other Wednesday or every other Thursday), which would be great, so if people who live around here can make it that could be a very good thing for us.

Also, Nick-a-Nees has the best jukebox in town, cheap beer, and free peanuts.

If you've never heard us play, here are some recordings we made at a show at Billy Goode's in January: http://killdevils.com/demo/
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