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Podcast list

I just wrote this in a response to a post by donutgirl, but I thought it was worth posting the list of podcasts I listen to here too. I hope that some of these are of interest. If any of you listen to podcasts too and have any recommendations to make in return, please do!

So here's the list of podcasts I currently listen to:

Blank Label Comics Podcast (interviews with online comic folks; usually rambly and off-topic, which seems to work)

Escape Pod (science fiction stories)

Firesign Theatre (sketches, live recordings, etc.)

Mashup of the Week (OK, this is music)

On the Media (the NPR show)

Otaku Generation (a bunch of geeky people trading crude humor in a basement)

Quirks and Quarks (science news and analysis from Candian Public Radio)

Reel Reviews (movie reviews)

Seven Second Delay and other WFMU radio show podcasts (SSD is an 'experimental talk show' that I think is often pretty funny)

Slate Magazine podcasts (often about as annoying as Slate usually is, but sometimes interesting or noteworthy)

They Might Be Giants podcast (lots of music, also some other weird stuff; so far there has only been one episode)

War News Radio (Swarthmore College students talk to people in Iraq)

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