Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

Accordion dream

OK, so maybe I'm a little obsessed with accordions these days. (Then again, maybe not -- I hope this dream doesn't mean I'm obsessed with sniffing glue.)

Anyway, last night I had a dream that I was at a sort of thrift store with some people, and the store had this big selection of cheap, junky, or gimmicky accordions. Some of them had uncomfortable membrane buttons like you sometimes see on cheap toy pianos made for three-year-olds, others had keyboards on each end instead of buttons on the left-hand side (making it very difficult to play and pump the bellows at the same time).

My favorite was based on those cheap synths you can buy at Radio Shack that have a few built-in tunes and which have a special feature that when one of the built-in tunes plays the appropriate keys light up so you can play along! The accordion was like that, so that when you turned that feature on a little tinny electronic tune would play and the keys and buttons would light up appropriately. However, this feature was particularly ill-considered here, because one of the things about the accordion is you can't see the buttons while you play! In my dream I thought this was pretty funny.

In other accordion news, last night Chris Monti came over for practice and we tried playing a couple of songs together, which was the first time I played the accordion with another human being. We are working on a version of They Might Be Giant's She's An Angel, which we hope will be in some sort of shape in the next week or so. It is a little difficult to work out good arrangements, because the accordion is really loud (or maybe it just seems louder than other instruments I play because it is closer to my head). However, one way or another, we have agreed that we will set Thayer Street on its ear when we go out busking this summer.
Tags: accordion, dream, killdevils
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