Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

Killdevils/Nick-A-Nees update

Chris Monti confirmed this morning that we'll be playing at Nick-A-Nees again. Yay!

The information:

Where: Nick-A-Nees, 75 South Street, Providence, RI
When: Thursday, January 19 (the week after next), 9 pm to midnight

As before, it will be a free show.

The owner is psyched to have us back and told Chris that she was happy about the crowd we pulled in and how we promoted the show. Thanks again to everyone who came last time!

(For now it doesn't look like we'll have a regularly scheduled gig there, at least until Nick-a-Nees's schedule clears up a bit. However, it does look good for them booking us shows once or twice a month, so that's really good!)
Tags: killdevils, nick-a-nees

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