Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

Okay, so it's like this

I have basic cable as an essentially free add-on to my cable modem. For a long time, a lot of my cable channels haven't come in, from roughly channel 30 to roughly channel 70. (Those of you who now know what the rest of this story will be about can skip to the end.) However, I didn't really care, because all I watch is Comedy Central (channel 72) and occasionally local news. So I never bothered to report this.

However, my cable company recently reordered all the channels, and Comedy Central is now like Channel 56 or something, so I can't watch it. This stirred me from my slothful indolence and I actually called Cox to try to get the problem fixed. The person I spoke to took my report and, after some negotiation, we settled on this morning between 8:30 and 10:30 as the time the cable guy would arrive to look at things.

This morning the cable guy arrived at 11 (half an hour late, so I get $20 off my next bill -- yay!) and told me that with basic cable I'm not supposed to get any channels above about 25 -- the only reason I can get channels above 70 is that the thing that is supposed to block those channels doesn't work very well. So there's nothing to be done (unless I want to spend some extra money to get the other channels, which I don't).

So what will I do now that I no longer have The Daily Show and Reno 911 to distract myself with? If the past few days are any indication I'll catch up on my Asimov's subscription (the stack of back issues was beginning to pile up a bit) and will be going to bed slightly earlier. O cruel world!
Tags: customer service

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