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February 6 solo show at the Arsenal

West Side Arts has booked me again. This time the show may actually happen!

The date is Monday, February 6. There will be two other artists: Chris Rosenquest and Chris Monti. (Chris and I booked separately, so this is a bit of a coincidence. He will be playing with his new power trio -- this will be my first chance to hear them!)

The show's running from 9 pm to 11 pm. I will angle for an early slot, but we'll see. I'll have about 30-35 minutes to play, which will be 5-6 songs. I think I'll try to make my accordion debut at this show, but I am not all that excited about bringing three instruments, so I may make it an accordion-and-guitar show, or an accordion-and-piano show; I'll have to think that one over.

West Side Arts is still arranging for permanent digs on the West Side, so for now they're having shows at the Arsenal on the East Side.

To make this all a bit more tabular and legible:

- When: Monday, February 6 from 9-11 pm
- Who: Me (solo), Chris Rosenquest, and Chris Monti, not necessarily in that order.
- Where: The Arsenal at 176 Benefit Street in Providence (between Angell and Meeting Streets).
- How much: There will be a $3 cover charge, all of which will go to the musicians.

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