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As good a way to start the day as any, I suppose

I woke up a little after 4 am this morning to use the bathroom, then figured I'd have some water, and hey, as long as I'm up for a few minutes I might as well see what's new on alt.religion.kibology ... then right back to sleep! Right?

Two and a half hours later I've thrashed out a rough arrangement for for Talysman the Ur-Beatle's new Interrobang Cartel song Rewind and have sent email to a couple of people I want to help me out with it.

This is probably not the most intelligent way to act if I want to expedite the departure of my cold. Maybe I actually will go back to sleep now.

This is more or less how I recorded the secret bonus track, too (except I already had the part Kibo recorded). (Why can't I be this productive when I'm actually fully awake?)

Tomorrow I take a plane down to Maryland for a week of work-related meetings (including my annual review, the first one I've had in three years). It looks I will see some Kibologists (Hi manfire!) while I'm there, which will be fun.

Tags: interrobang cartel, recordings

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