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My cousin once removed David has had the idea for a while that he, Chris Monti, and I should learn a bunch of material from a book put together by a couple of other relatives (John A. Scott and John W. Scott) called A Ballad of America, and that we should then put on a show at AS220 (which should work well because this music is mostly music in the public domain and AS220 isn't currently paying BMI/ASCAP fees).

Boy, how exciting was that paragraph?

Anyway, last night we all finally got together to go through a bunch of the songs. It was a lot of fun! David has a really loose, groovy way of playing and singing which sounds really great.

I recorded the whole shebang and figured I'd put it online for a week or so in case anyone was interested in listening to it. The recordings were basically so Chris and I could listen to them later and try to learn the songs better and were made by sticking a microphone in an out-of-the-way corner so the balance is pretty off on some of them, especially the ones where I pick up the accordion, but those who like old folk tunes or are a fan of hootenannies might enjoy listening to them. (I might skip the first one, at least to begin with, because the accordion is annoyingly loud on it; it sort of settles down after I put the accordion down and switch to piano.)

  1. Going Down The Road Feeling Bad
  2. The Midnight Special
  3. I Ride An Old Paint
  4. The Colorado Trail
  5. Get Along Little Dogies
  6. Get Along Little Dogies (reprise)
  7. The Wabash Cannon Ball
  8. The Wabash Cannon Ball (chorus only)
  9. Oh Mary Don't You Weep
  10. John Brown's Body
  11. Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child
  12. Santy Anna
  13. Shady Grove
  14. The Greenland Whale Fishery
  15. Mrs. McGrath
  16. What's The Matter WIth The Mill?
  17. The Old Man Who Lived In The Woods
  18. Times Are Getting Hard
  19. Oh, Freedom
Tags: ballad of america, recordings

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