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House party date set! Also, other music stuff

After conferring with Mr. Monti and Mr. Swift, we have decided on Saturday, April 8 (not the 10th as I previously posted) as the day for my next house party. I figure that, like last time, it will go from 8 to 11 pm. Mark your calendars!

I am thinking about exactly how I want do split things up, but I'm hoping to give Fuck The Bees its first live public performance. I'm quite excited about the whole thing! (And I'm really psyched that MC Copulation is going to be in the house again.)
Looking less far ahead into the future, there are a couple of shows coming of possible interest.

First, we've got this coming Thursday, February 16 at Nick-a-Nees from 9 to midnight. As before, the show will be free, there will be free peanuts and cheap beer, etc. This will be the last Killdevils show for a while, as Chris Monti is going to be on the road for the month of March.
Next, I've got another solo show at West Side Arts on Monday, March 13. I have not yet learned what other acts there will be, but I hope to play first. I assume that there will still be a $3 cover. The show will go from 9 pm to midnight.
I'll post reminders about the March and April shows closer to the dates. If you think you will probably go to the Thursday show and want to comment to let me know, please do; I usually put the set lists together and I like to try to tailor them to the people I expect to turn up.

See you around, I hope!

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