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New information about the show on Monday March 13

Here is an annotated message from West Side Arts.
Hey Jake, Liz and Eric!
(Liz is Liz Stahler and Eric is Eric Fontana They are the other two artists performing on Monday.)
This is to let you know that we are going to have you play "in the round" on Monday. Just in case you are not familiar with the concept, (and I am sure you are, just covering all the bases) you will all be on stage at once, taking turns doing a song a piece.
(I've never played a show like this before and I am not sure how to prepare for it, so this freaks me out a little.)
I personally love watching artists perform this way, it adds such a dynamic to everyone's performance! You will have a full hour to perform from 9:00-10:00.
(This translates to 3-4 songs each, I think. The big question: do I bring the accordion, or should I just do all guitar pieces?)
Get there early (preferably 8) for a sound check and set-up. We have a band after your performance so this will be a great evening packed with music!! 
(The fact that they don't say who the band is, and don't have anything on their website about it, makes me wonder if they've booked the band yet. Update: It turns out I was wrong about this -- Steve says that it's 'Derek Wagner's Band' which I think is this one.)
I also want to invite you to a film showing happening before the show. It is called Invisible Children. It is a story of a war in Ugnada that has lasted for 20 years. Children are being recruited and forced to do battle with other children. This film is to raise awareness and resources to help end this. It starts at 6:30, it would gbe great if you could attend!
(I might do this, although I should probably eat dinner instead.)
See you soon!
(It will be fine, this is just me being nervous.)
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