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This week's podcast recordings

I just put up today's podcast (Socks of Quarters Blues, with a couple of verses worth of lyrics provided by twillis), so here's a week's worth of recordings:
  1. "Pumpkin, Mrs. Farnsworth" [introduction] (March 5, 2006) -- guitar, accordion, vocals
  2. Sweet Baby James [introduction] (March 6, 2006) -- karaoke machine, vocals
  3. Complicated [introduction] (March 7, 2006) -- accordion, vocals, fake drums
  4. That'll Never Happen No More [introduction] (March 8, 2006) -- guitar, vocals
  5. Hybrid Car [introduction] (March 9, 2006) -- guitar, vocals
  6. I Believe To My Soul [introduction] (March 10, 2006) -- piano, vocals
  7. Socks of Quarters Blues [introduction] (March 11, 2006) -- accordion, vocals
I'm pleased with how these turned out. I think "Pumpkin, Mrs. Farnsworth" is improved by the addition of the accordion, arranging Hybrid Car for the guitar kind of changed the way I thought about that song, I was glad to finally record 'I Believe To My Soul', and the Avril Lavigne song turned out better than I expected.

Also, Chris Monti loaned me his Martin while he's off touring Florida, so I got to make some recordings with that, which is nice, because it's probably the nicest acoustic guitar I'll ever play.

I've updated the website to make it a little prettier and more informative, so you can see a list of all the recordings on the main page and instructions on how to subscribe to the podcast on the podcast page.

Update: Due to sillyness on my part none of the links to the recordings worked. This has now been fixed.

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