Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

CMO update

Chris Monti just called me. He's at exit 1 on Route 95 in Rhode Island, so we should be good to go for tonight's show at Nick-a-Nees. I think he was in the Carolinas this morning, so that's quite a drive. Anyway:

Set #1
1. Mighty Long Time
2. Anabelle
3. Before You Accuse Me
4. Country Boy In The City
5. Leaving Home
7. My Babe
8. Ezra's Song
9. Liberty
10. Little Red Riding Hood
11. Life By The Drop

Set #2
*1. Hybrid Car -- jwgh
*2. Milk Cow Blues -- jwgh
*3. Big Road Blues
4. Saint James Infirmary
5. Hickory Wind
7. Rider on the Rain
8. Mick McGuire
9. Folsom Prison Blues
10. The Weight
11. Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues

Set #3
three CMO songs
4. Thorn In Your Side
5. Lucky Old Sun
6. Caldonia
7. The Dire Wolf
8. Lady Luck
9. The Local Expatriate
Tags: killdevils, monti, set lists

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