Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

notes vaguely related to tonight's accordion lesson

Tonight I had my third accordion lesson. The instructor predicted that we would finish the first accordion instruction book next lesson. He also suggested that I try leaving my accordion at home and using one of the accordions that they have at the store. This could revolutionize my accordion lessons forever!

It turns out that LJ's BBQ is a fairly easy drive from the place where I take my lessons. I will try not to make use of this knowledge too much.

Speaking of which, the LJ's brunch menu is kind of frightening. I would like to try the Butter Milk Bacon Crumble Corn Cakes sometime ('Like pancakes, only a thousand times better').

In completely unrelated news, I just recorded my 20th podcast, which will be released to the general public in the morning. It is a recording of Gram Parsons's "Hickory Wind".

Also, a reminder to a couple of people (who know who they are): overheardinri exists and can be joined using this link!
Tags: accordion

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