Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

Candy & Toy: A Photoessay

A few weeks ago I went to the Spanish store near my apartment and noticed that there was one of those racks filled with cheap candy by the checkout area. Looking closer, I saw that one of the things you could get from the candy rack was bags of stuff labeled 'Candy & Toy'. I instantly fell in love and bought a few bags. That original stash of Candy & Toy is now gone, but I went back again a couple of days ago and picked up the last available package of Candy & Toy. Hopefully they will restock again soon, so that other may have some Candy & Toy and join in the enjoyment!

OK, so Candy & Toy. What is it, you may ask? Well, it is pretty much what it says: a plastic toy and some cheap candy. When I first went in there was a plastic pellet gun, another kind of plastic gun that shot a little fan blade-type thingie, a small Pachinko-type game, and maybe some other stuff. (I am informed by plorkwort, who ended up with one of the Pachinko Candy and Toy bags, that the instructions on the Pachinko game are something else.) This time, I ended up with a toy truck. And what a toy truck! But I am getting ahead of myself.

Here's the basic package:

Here's a closeup of the label. The star in the upper left corner says 'Denise' in it, which I am guessing is the name of the distributor. As you can see, Candy & Toy costs a buck, which is probably about right -- the toy might be worth 50 cents and the candy maybe a dime each.

When I opened the bag I discovered that the Toy part was in its own bag, which was imaginatively (and slightly inaccurately) labeled 'Toys'.

I was puzzled at first to discover that the truck had 'Spritc' printed on its roof, with a lemon dotting the 'i', and 'icy mint' printed under it. The cursive 'Faster' on the hood made more sense. (paracelsvs informs me that 'sprit' is Swedish for 'booze', but this doesn't entirely clear things up.)

Then I noticed that on the back and side of the truck a scripty 'Caiocin Cele' was printed. Clearly, this is a generic-brand soda truck from a country that doesn't understand vowels!

Having unravelled the mystery of the Toy, we now turn to the Candy side of things. The candy is pretty straightforward and there isn't much to be said except as regards the spherical lollypop.

I scanned in the wrapper so that you could see that this is a 'Sprinkle Pop' and that the manufacturer wishes us to know that it is somehow associated with hats and, um, some kind of bendy white wand with hands on both ends.

The pop itself does seem to contain sprinkles of some kind, as you can see here. It tasted vaguely lemony, which I suppose means it tasted like citric acid.

And that ends my exploration into the world of Candy & Toy. I hope you enjoyed it! If the Spanish store ever restocks this particular item, those of you who know me in real life should be aware that someday I may give you some Candy & Toy of your very own.
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