Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

I need time to rewind ...

I've been working on putting together some music for urbeatle's Rewind lyrics for a couple of weeks. As part of this I had asked Charlie to provide a couple of guitar solos, which he did. But he also recorded an entire other version of the arrangement I was working with, using the same basic chords and the same number of beats per minute but using a driving rock rhythm guitar to propel the thing. No vocals, but I could put the vocals that I had already recorded for the other version of the song, since they were the same speed ... which was fun, but it didn't quite work.

However, I was going to drive up to New Hampshire and back for Thanksgiving to visit my sister and her family, so I threw all the different versions on the old iPod and listened to them and sang along.

Then I came back to Providence, and this evening I recorded what I suppose is the definitive vocals for this version of Rewind.


Tags: interrobang cartel, recordings

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