Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

status of various projects

I ordered some yarn to make a suit for knitted Penfold, and I've gotten about as far as I can with the project before that yarn arrives, so that's on hold until I get back in town at the end of next week. (At that point I'll make up the suit and see how it looks; it's possible that I'll have to reknit the whole thing, or at least the head, but I'm hoping not. Although if I do it's not a big deal; Penfold's so small that knitting him up from scratch only takes a few days, it turns out.)

I haven't done very well practicing the accordion this week. If I'm still not feeling great I may cancel Saturday's lesson.

Finally updated the podcast for the first time since April 29. Ideally I will update it at least once more before Sunday (when I leave town), but we will see.

Got ingredients for vegetarian chili, and will chop them up and throw them into a crockpot early tomorrow afternoon. Wish me luck!

Stegosaurus #4 has been (barely) started, using yarn acquired from theresat. I'll continue to work on this until the Penfold suit yarn comes in. Speaking of which, anyone want 400 yards of denim yarn for $2.75? I ordered a bunch.
Tags: knitting

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