Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

Foot report

I am sure everyone is fascinated by my feet!

I did manage to buy some new shoes yesterday. They are white new balance shoes of some kind or another. I also bought some special shoe inserts, because, why not?

I think that they have actually helped. It still hurts to walk, but not walking no longer hurts very much, so that is good. Also, I seem to be able to move faster. Of course, I could just be healing naturally and the shoes have nothing to do with it.

Yesterday I couldn't figure out where the ice machine was and by the time I was back in my room I felt disinclined to leave again, but tonight I will try to be better about this.

The goddamn MARC commuter train platform has no benches, so yesterday I ended up standing up until the next train to DC came, which ended up being maybe 45 minutes. I have not yet decided whether I will try to leave work a little early (so I can catch the 6:05) or late (so I can catch the 6:55 without standing around for goddamn ever), or if I should just take the Metro (which would make the trip take 45 minutes instead of 15 minutes but would involve less standing around). To an extent it will depend on if I can get anyone to give me a lift to the train station and, if so, when they want to leave.

Current reading: The Amber Spyglass.

Training went OK today. Two more days to go.
Tags: dc, shoes

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