Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

Metro-Plex II

There is a building across the street from the office building I am in right now. From here it looks like this:

large, black, oddly-shaped building

It is known colloquially in these parts as the Death Star, and I was talking about how ugly it was online at one point when I discovered that one of the people I was talking to, manfire, knows and hates the building himself. Its real name: METRO-PLEX II.

manfire's reason for hating it was simple: although the side pointing towards us is futuristic and oddly-shaped, the side towards the highway is plain and rectangular, adorned only by a giant sign that says 'METRO-PLEX':


Looking at Metro-Plex II from different angles therefore gives you different perspectives on why exactly it is ugly.

As it happens, I was walking to Metro-Plex I (no picture, sorry) for lunch today when I stumbled across the Metro-Plex II sign, which for some reason I don't think I had noticed before. Here it is:


At first I was intrigued by the font, but then I realized that the neat texture that I liked about it was just the result of the paint peeling off the sign:


If you want, you can see an aerial view of the building on Google Maps.

I guess that's all I have to say about Metro-Plex II. Enjoy!
Tags: maryland

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