Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

it burns

When I went to the plant sale on Saturday, I was good and remembered to wear my hat. On Sunday, though, I forgot to do so, and the result of that (and my thinning hair up top) is that my scalp is slightly sunburned today, a fact I learned in the shower. Ow. Oh well.

The shows on Saturday and Sunday were fun. On Saturday, a friend of Chris's, Emily Dignan, sat in for a few songs, singing and playing guitar (I switched to accordion for these songs), which was fun -- she has a beautiful voice and knows a bunch of great folkie songs. Sunday I got there early and watched Chris and Emily performed, then did my set and played for about 50 minutes (all on guitar). katrinkles and Greg came to the plant sale on Saturday and heard a little of our set, which was nice.

A rainbow behind the traffic lightsOn Sunday I went to dinner with katylady74. We got trapped in Paragon for a little while by the rain, but in return we got to see a nice big double rainbow. Also on Sunday went to plant_geek's house for the weekly watching of Lost (although this was actually the first one I'd been to in a few weeks) -- also fun; plant_geek's a great hostess.

I helped cgoldfish and wazroth do some demolition on Saturday and Sunday and was treated to dinner, with the result that I got to experience both some nice Indian food and the worst service I've had since the last time I went to Mo Joe's.

Finally, doctroid provided a link to an entertaining story: http://mightygodking.livejournal.com/247132.html
Tags: killdevils, providence

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