Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

Recent podcasts

The last time I made one of these posts was May 6. Phoo.

Anyway, I've recorded a few things since then:

  1. I Can Hear You [introduction] (May 7, 2006) -- backpacker guitar, whistling, vocals
  2. My Bucket's Got A Hole In It [introduction] (May 22, 2006) -- guitar, vocals
  3. Older [introduction] (May 29, 2006) -- guitar, vocals

However! I've done some more recording today so there should be at least a few new recordings this week, including two new original songs, and hopefully this will put me back on track.

As always, you can see a list of all the recordings on the main page of my music website and instructions on how to subscribe to the podcast on the podcast page.
Tags: podcast, recordings

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