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Those who have talked to me in the past day or so are probably not shocked to learn that I've been coming down with something. Today I've felt progressively worse and I ultimately decided to take the last couple of hours off from work to go back to bed. I'm still feeling none too great, though, and should probably go back to bed again before too long. (The basic symptoms are: coughing, sneezing, lots of congestion, loss of appetite, and general wooziness. I suspect a fever but can't seem to find my thermometer.)

My ability to do fun stuff the rest of the week depends on how quickly I recover. There are some things happening on Thursday that I absolutely want to do if at all possible, so I think I'll take a sick day tomorrow (which I think I would end up doing anyway given how I feel) to try to maximize the chances of being recovered enough to do those things (The things in question are this and the Nick-A-Nees Killdevils show.)

So I may not be online as much as usual for the next day or two, and if you're wondering what's up, this is it.

Next to do: go to grocery store, buy healthful things and a thermometer, come home, consume, sleep.

Unrelated, previously unknown fact:
Head Wax Detail
  • Hair and eye color authenticated by people that knew Walt
    [. . . ]
  • The texture and skin tone is perfect and his fingernails look absolutely real
Apparently, Walt Disney had fingernails on his head. (via the WFMU blog)

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