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various short updates

Back at work today for the first time since last Tuesday (when I left a couple of hours early). Still sick, but feeling a lot better than last week.

Work on knitted blanket continues. I have finished the first skein! The blanket's currently 17 inches long; the pattern claims that the final length will be 51 inches, but I think that it will end up being a lot longer than that, as the width given in the pattern seems to be quite a bit less than what I've actually got. (This is fine with me -- the bigger the better, really.) I estimate that I'll end up using about five skeins.

I had 37 pounds of laundry this morning. That may be a new record. (It includes sheets and a couple of blankets, so may not be quite as impressive as it sounds.)

Had some fun this weekend -- went to plant_geek's birthday party Saturday, cgoldfish's yard sale Sunday morning, and plant_geek's Lost viewing Sunday evening. Ate many deviled eggs.

Very tired.
Tags: knitting

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