Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

the weekend in pictures

Here's some graffiti I noticed downtown by the river on Saturday:


It seems to say 'WILM' in Runic. My guess is that either that's someone's initials or else that last letter is actually supposed to be the rune 'dagaz', which would make this say 'WILD'.

I also got to meet my new upstairs neighbor. Here is her car:


Today I went to Holland, MA to visit my dad. While there, I saw a hummingbird:


Then another hummingbird came along and chased the first away. Apparently hummingbirds really don't like each other.

After that I came back to Providence where I celebrated wazroth's birthday with a little disco bowling.

disco bowling

(katylady74 is the bowler in this photo.)

More photos of graffiti and bowling and such can be found on my flickr page.
Tags: holland, providence

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