Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

car wonkiness

Current car oddities:

- The left rear door doesn't open from the inside.
- The air conditioning needs to be recharged.
- After leaving the windows open during yesterday's daytime thunderstorm, the electronic door switch can't be used to lock all the doors (although it still will unlock all the doors and using the key to lock all the doors still works).

I guess this is to be expected for a somewhat beat-up 1994 Toyota Corolla with over 120,000 miles on it. I want to get all of this stuff fixed soon.

I'm about 250 miles short of my next oil change. Also I think getting the door stuff fixed is probably best done at a dealership, and they will probably need to order parts so it will take a couple of days.

So maybe the plan is: try to get the AC fixed soon, since that can probably be done most anywhere and should be relatively quick. (With luck, I can get it done someplace near a place with wireless Internet, so I can drop it off, work from there until it's done, then go home.)

Then, once it's time for the oil change, go to the dealership, get a rental for the time until it's fixed, and take it from there.

Sounds good? Good.

(I am trying not to think of what getting the door-related stuff fixed will cost.)
Tags: car

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