Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

Home. Report.

Things accomplished today:

- Ate some jerk chicken and a cheeseburger.
- Went for a long walk in the woods.
- Got lost in the woods, then got unlost again.
- Provided sustenance, and in some cases a quick death, for dozens of mosquitos.
- Was reminded of 'They Go Wild Over Me', a song from the IWW red book that I need to learn how to play. (The version I heard is a little different from that version though.)
- Went up to my thighs in the lake, then decided not to go swimming after all.
- Played three different musical instruments on a bunch of songs.
- Drove home.

Left to be done:

- Unpack car.
- Throw wet clothes in the washer.
- Go to bed.

Will have to return to Holland again soon.

Oh, hey, flickr photos.

For some reason, my fantasy baseball team is kicking butt this week.

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