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“Here's a little story about my mother, from earlier today...I, I gave her a call around one or so, um, to talk about coming up to visit, which we had [said] yesterday. She lives up in Worcester. And, so, I said...um, so she said that ah she ah was at Friendly's with my sister and her son, and um, but that they would be leaving, you know, [ ] and I said OK, well. that sounds fine then.

And then she said ah, you know, well, really I don't know if there's any point in you coming up. And I said, oh, ah, why not? Well, you're going to come up, you'll get here what like three, and then how long are you going to stay, really?

And I said, well, I'll yeah maybe I'd come bak down in early evening, you know. She's like yeah. Well, all right, then she says...oh wait, actually, the only reason I actually said that is because I thought you didn't really want to come, and I wanted to give you an out. I said, no no, I'd like to come. Oh well, all right. [ ]

I did go up, and it was a very nice afternoon and all. So, there you have it. I guess that's my story about my mom for the day. And it's quite possible that she'll read this.

Hope everyone's having a good Independence Day. So long.”

Transcribed by: kerri9494
Tags: mom

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