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I expect to be away from the Internet for most of today, just so's you know.

The show last night was fun. Having a four-piece band for the second set was something else; definitely a different feel from it just being me and Chris. Kip sang harmony on both of the songs I sang, which was very cool.

The place was pretty full for the second set and the crowd was excited and appreciative, so I was thinking that we should do some pretty high-energy stuff during set #3, but during the intermissions the place totally cleared out -- there were some people at the bar watching TV, and there were a couple of people at tables, but other than that the place was empty and the folks at the bar weren't really paying attention to us. So we quickly switched plans and played to entertain ourselves, which was pretty fun. We did get some applause towards the end of the second set with 'Oh, Mary, Don't You Weep' and 'Folsom Prison Blues'.

No sign of poster mutilation guy.

Rusty the bartender told Chris that they did pretty good business at the bar, so hopefully we'll get some more shows there in August. (The owner was also there for the second set, which was both the best set and the time when the most people were there, so that's good too.) Chris is going to try to get August 10 and 24, but we'll see how that goes.

I think I saw Lucky 57, which is Kip and Sue's regular band, once a while ago, but I should try to get out and see them again. I guess their next show isn't until September 9, though. One of the reasons Chris suggested having them sit in last night was so the owner of Nick-a-Nees would get a chance to check them out; hopefully she liked what she saw and, if so, maybe she'll give them a show there sometime.

While half asleep last night, Cheap Trick's song 'I Want You To Want Me' kept going through my head and I kept coming up with variations (hate you to hate me, kill for you to kill for me [the 'Strangers On A Train' lyric], etc.). This is a game you can play at home as well! It is harder than it sounds, or at least that's the case when you're half asleep.

I should maybe go back to bed (I'm taking a sick day today) but I think I'll call cgoldfish first to see what's going on.
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