Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
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game highlight


The game wasn't horrible -- the Red Sox were only down by two for most of the game and were getting people on base pretty consistently, so they had a decent shot at catching up -- but it wasn't very inspiring, either. So it was nice that in the ninth inning the entire ballpark decided to ignore the game and instead focussed its attention and enthusiasm on a blackbird that hung out on second base for a while before starting down the base path towards third. The crowd cheered for it, and 'Blackbird' and 'Make A Little Birdhouse In Your Soul' played over the PA.

The bird couldn't fly, but it wasn't totally clear to me if it was hurt or just young. I hope it is OK. I hoped that the newspaper would say if it got taken to an animal hospital or something, but the Globe seems to be silent on this question. I didn't see it on the field after the game was over so hopefully someone took care of it.

The Globe article otherwise describes the situation and sequence of events pretty well, including the part where Casey Blake of the Indians almost stepped on it. Grrr. Also, it has a picture.
Tags: bird, red sox

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