Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

street paintings

As advertised, there was a street painting festival today. It was located in the ice rink downtown. I took a bunch of pictures.


woman behind counter

2 legs better
I'm not sure why Dr. Sara Ryan picked this scene from Animal Farm, but I'm not going to argue with an acupuncturist.

football players

guy coloring Parliament getting blown up
I think this is from 'V for Vendetta'.

sine wave
This street painting uses radians!

creepy-looking person
I don't think skin should be this color.

incomplete painting

snake eyes

I salute this drawing's cheerful rejection of any kind of need to make sense.

a pineapple buffalo kisses a mermaid
Yes, pineapplebuffalo.com really exists. (Spelled differently though.)

American and Iraqi flags
OK, a couple of notes about this: (1) There was a note on the side of this asking people to walk on it. (2) The flag with red, white, and black stripes is the Iraqi flag, except that where the actual flag of Iraq has green stars this has green Statues of Liberty holding rifles. (It's also missing the Arabic text; the actual Iraqi flag says 'God is great' on it.)

duck and cupcake
Aw, magnetic duck with robot legs loves steroid-using cupcake!
Tags: art, providence

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