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Chris Monti asks for advice

So... I am booked at AS220 on 2 December, not only my frickin birthday but also the day I return from the big East Coast tour.

I have the whole night to book. I will def. do a solo set and maybe a band set (tho I won't have much in the way of rehearsal time... like that afternoon only) but I am looking for some suggestions for a great band or two to play that night. I'm pretty sure I want a fantastic dance band to end the night and some other excellent band to open the show.

I have some decent leverage in booking bands because the date is two and a half months out and it is a Saturday night and it will probably be pretty well attended because its my frickin birthday.

Any ideas for great bands? New York, New England area bands prob the best bet. Any suggestion is a good suggestion.


ps Dang, I got to talk to Chuck D for about 30seconds Tuesday night after a talk he gave at URI; I shoulda asked him.

Just kidding.

Kind of.

pps The next time Chuck D is giving a talk for the URI honors colloquium maybe you ought to go. The man was pretty great. I meant to ask him if he wanted to do a record with me and Emmy Lou and Stanton Moore, but I just about pissed myself with nervousness as I waited in line to shake his hand and give him a CD. Yes, that's right Ryan Ingerowski, Chuck D now owns a copy of Locust Grove.

pps Dont forget to send me some band names for the 2 December show.

thanks again,

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