Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller


I started skein #4 on the little blanket I'm making. This might be the last skein, or I might need to do a little knitting from a fifth. (Partly this depends on whether or not I add another stripe. I'm currently leaning towards no, but someone mentioned to me the other day that the existing colors are all pretty traditionally masculine, which made me worry about being a gender normative enforcer and think about adding a stripe of orange or something, but it may be best to leave well enough alone.)

I think it will take a month or less of work to complete this, but I'm going to put this at least partly on hold shortly, because my nephew's birthday is in a few weeks (he's turning three) and I have an idea for something to knit for him. I think I'll start working on it at SNB tomorrow. (I won't say further about it here, because my sister and her husband might read this.)

Tags: knitting

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