Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

Some notes about the first four episodes of the second season of 24

Contains spoilers, so under a cut tag.

* Are there really alleys filled with empty, apprently previously unused cardboard boxes in L.A.?

* Timing seems to be sloppier. In the first season, if someone said something was going to happen in ten minutes, you could look at the clock and, bam, there it was about ten minutes later (I did at least try to pay attention to this). Now that doesn't necessarily seem to be the case, and there are at least a few cases of blatant cheating, where stuff that should take half an hour takes a few minutes, with the discrepancy hidden behind a brief cut to one of the other plots.

* A wedding is getting broken up? A child is fleeing from an abusive father? Serious issues, sure, but it is hard for me to really place them on the same level as a terrorist plot to blow up Los Angeles and attempts to foil that plot. Plus, when Kim is being menaced by some loser in a sports car, all I can think is, 'Dude, last season she was kidnapped by terrorists and she got through it OK. I think she can handle this.' I also think that some of the reasons I may have trouble caring as much about some of the more character-oriented threads is that strong characterization isn't really this series's big strength.

* Can you really lock up a broadcaster a couple of hours before he's going to make a live report on national teevee and not have it be noticed?

* Regardless, I will continue to watch.

* I like the stuff with George Mason.
Tags: 24, tv

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