Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

Voice Post: Hi, I'm in California

453K 2:16
“--flew in this morning--right now I'm driving through Petaluma, and really parts of this, it's like driving through a Grant Wood painting or something. It's just really nice. Kind of rolling hills and little farms, drove past a bunch of cows and stuff. Uh, yeah! The flight out was fine, you know, I had to stop over in Phoenix, and, uh, but the flights, there weren't any delays or anything, so it was pretty direct. I slept and read two books and knitted. On one of the flights, I heard one of the other passengers sing a line from "Total Eclipse of the Heart"; I'm not sure what that was about, exactly. Uh, yeah, but I made it out safely, and, even though I've been kind of stuck in traffic for a while, I'm in a pretty good mood, I think possibly just because I'm no longer in a plane, which was getting kind of old. I'm in a minivan which I rented--and . . . perhaps that's it. Oh, I should say one of the first things I did was get lost: I was supposed to take Route 80 East, because that was the option that took me straight north, which was what I wanted to do; instead, I took Route 80 West and went into San Francisco, which probably addded, like, an hour to my time but was kind of neat anyway, even just to drive through. I ended up leaving via the Golden Gate Bridge, so, yeah, so far so good, considering that I haven't really interacted with any people or seen any of the people that I'm supposed to be visiting. And I guess that's it. Maybe I'll make another phone post at some point or maybe I won't, but I hope that everyone is doing well, and, Providence folks, hopefully I'll see you all next week. Bye!”

Transcribed by: vardissakheli
Tags: california, wedding

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