Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

Voice Post: Don't flash your headlights at gangsters, either.

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“Okay, so that was a little odd.

Leaving my apartment, I-- admit I kinda blew through a yellow light at right the corner of Public & Broad, and so shortly thereafter got pulled over by a cop, you know, big flashing lights and all.

So he came over. He said, "Apart from blowing through changing lights, whose car is this?"
I said, "It's mine."
"Oh, it's yours? Do you have a license?"
"Yep," so I got out my license, gave it to him.
He looked at it and said, "This information correct?"

Then he took it back to his car and checked up on me and apparently found out that I was all right. He came back and gave me my license back and said "Well, you gotta be more careful."
I said "oh, all right," you know, "I will. I'm sorry about that."
He said "Yeah, because sometime, you know, you might cut in front of a gangster and they might take it out on you," and then he left; went back to his car.

No ticket, fortunately, no points. And I guess I will be more careful at the lights now. End of Story.”

Transcribed by: sunburn
Tags: providence, providence drivers

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