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Hey, I almost forgot -- I recorded a couple of new things this week!

The first is an Andy Breckman song called 'Passing Trains'. [spoken introduction] When I went to California the other week for the marriage of my friends Rachel and Larry, I brought my backpacker guitar and one of the songs I played was the only Andy Breckman song I knew, Railroad Bill. Larry had not only heard of Andy but had himself learned a different song of his, Passing Trains, and he played it for me. Once I got home I ordered Andy's two CDs and set about learning the song. It's a pretty little thing.

The second song is Sister Kate. [spoken introduction] This is a song I remembered my father singing from way back, but I could never quite figure out the chords or remember all the lyrics. I still am not sure that I have the chords completely right, but hopefully it is close enough, and I got Dad to type up the lyrics and send them to me. I also got a little backstory: it turns out that this song is a combination of several other songs (which would explain why trying to find the lyrics online was such a puzzling experience), and this particular combination and arrangement was put together by my dad's cousin Johnny, who taught it to dad and then proceeded to forget completely about it. I think I will try to get this song included in the Killdevils repertoire.

As always, you can see a list of all the recordings on the main page of my music website and instructions on how to subscribe to the podcast on the podcast page.

As long as I'm talking about podcasts I might as well recommend one that doesn't have anything to do with me: The Sound of Young America, which features interviews with people like Terry Gilliam, John Hodgman, Chris Elliot, Michael J. Nelson, and many other people who I think are pretty great. The podcast archives go back a really long way, which is another think I like about it, and you can also see all the archives on its archive page.
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