Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

Garage Band instant review

So my copy of Garage Band arrived today. The MIDI/USB adapter I ordered is apparently still somewhere between California and here, so I just used my "mouse" to "click" on the little keyboard on the screen and all the other clickable stuff and came up with a short little thing with a really lame drum part but I'm still pleased!

It seems pretty easy to use, although I haven't tried anything too advanced with it yet, and I also haven't tried to do things like import sounds from external files, which I'm hoping it can do because that would be extraordinarily useful. (If I can't, I'll have to do stuff in Garage Band, do other stuff using my PS02, and then export everything and combine it all using Audacity or something, which would be kind of annoying although I could live with it.)

If you do the 'export to iTunes' thing it exports the music as an AIFF, it appears. I then converted it to an mp3 using the old copy of SoundJam MP3 I have lying around for just such things.
Tags: recording

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