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the dangers of hubris

This morning, I decided to follow up on my earlier post and take a picture of myself in my bathrobe. I was working from home, fancy-free, not wearing any pants ... here I am. See how content I was?

Jake in a bathrobe

(I say content, but I suppose some might say 'smug'.)

Of course, immediately after that my Internet connection started to go all wonky. At first I was getting 70% packet loss, and then, after restarting my router, I couldn't connect at all. I called Cox customer support, did various troubleshooting stuff, and ultimately made an appointment for them to come out and check things out tomorrow between 3-5 pm.

So now I am working in exile. I currently look like this:

Jake at Borders

I'm looking noticeably less content (or smug for that matter), aren't I?

(This is not a plea for sympathy, because I wouldn't expect anyone who doesn't normally work at home to have much.)
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  • Note

    My FedEx guy doesn't really like it when I answer the door in my bathrobe.

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