Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

lost commentary

- Young Kate was pretty dumb, huh? If they are trying to retroactively set up that Kate will do incredibly dumb things for love, I'm not really buying it.

- I am glad that Season 3 is backing away from the thing that bugged me the most about Season 2, which was people not sharing information for no good reason. BETTER MOTIVATION FOR NOT TELLING PEOPLE STUFF, PLEASE. But Kate and Sawyer now have (more or less) filled each other on what's going on, so that's good, and Locke at least told Sayeed some of what he thought was happening.

- Having sex in a cage that's under surveillance without birth control does not show good sense. Give me a break. (Kate and Sawyer are both smart people, although Sawyer is not as smart as he thinks he is.) I wonder how many of the Others were gathered around the surveillance teevee during that little episode? (On a related note, I accept that, because this is a TV show, Kate and Sawyer need to manufacture a little blanket to have sex under, and I will try not to think too much about how dumb that behavior is.)

- Actually, the whole Sawyer/Kate plotline kind of got on my nerves.

- I liked Jack in this episode. Although so much for that Hippocratic oath, huh?
Tags: lost, tv

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