Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

New recordings! Also some old ones.

I bought some new microphones yesterday and wanted to try them out. Also, I continue to be obsessed by tomorrow's Songs of Social Consciousness show, which I will put some more information about at the end of this message under a cut.

I'll be doing three or four songs, so here are some old songs I'm thinking of doing, plus two new ones, plus two new songs which I should under no account play at this show, I think.

Old Songs:And here are the new songs (the first one is an original song):And, finally, here are the two ringers:As usual, these songs can be retrieved from my music web page and you can also get them via podcast.

Information about the show:

It's on Monday, November 20th at 7 pm. This is a benefit for the George Wiley Center, which recently was severely damaged by a fire.

The show is free (but obviously they hope you will make a contribution to the Center). I will be performing 'in the round' with Ed McGuirl, Laura Wood, Art Toegeman, and Mardi Garcia. We'll be playing 'in the round' in two fifty-minute sets.

The show will be at the Memorial Union Ballroom at the University of Rhode Island campus in Kingston at 7 pm.
Tags: podcast, recordings, risa

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