Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

'You're The Tea In My Teacup'

A lot of people showed up at Nick-a-Nees tonight -- thanks all of you who came!

With a bit of luck, we may have picked up a couple of new knitters, too -- we'll see.

Anyway: fuziekat asked me about the lyrics and music for the first verse to 'You're the Tea in my Teacup', so with no futher ado here's the words and chords:

/G                    /D
  You're the tea in my teacup
/G                     /D
  You're the beer in my glass
/G                        /D
  You're the whiskey in my coffee
 /C                    /G
I know that we're gonna last
 /C                    /G   /G7
I know we're sure gonna last

   /C               /C
And I can't live without you baby
/G                      /G
  You just smooth all my troubles away
/C                     /C
  You've become quite a habit to me, I
/D                      /D
  Want you more each and every day
I would try to transcribe the melody, but it is late and I am lazy and probably wouldn't do a very good job of it anyway, so it may be just was well to learn the melody from the recording.

Thanks again! Good night!

Tags: lyrics

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