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“This morning I took my car in for a tuneup and also to generally get looked at because it seems like it hasn't been driving as smoothly as it has been in the past. So I dropped it off around 10, and then took a little walk around, had some lunch. Then I got a call back from the dealership asking me to head over there so that the mechanic could show me what had been causing the shimmying and stuff. And when they said that to me I though to myself, "Well that sounds like something expensive is about to happen." But I went over. It sounds like the main cause for the shimmying and whatnot is the rear brakedrums which are kind of full of crud, so I have to get those replaced. The front brakes are wearing pretty thin which may not be helping so those should be replaced also. And the guy said that he thought one of the tires the, one of the uh, belts was slipping, um, but for that he said-- he thought that it was worth just rotating the tires for now and seeing if that helps and if not then I should get the tires replaced. I think they might actually be under warranty. So all that's gonna cost $1200 about, uh, which is more than I was hoping to spend today, but hopefully after I spend it the car will be, um, more pleasant to drive than it has been. But that also means that you know they're going to hold onto it for another couple of hours, so thats another couple hours or driving around, er walking around scenic Warwick. One of the things that I've seen in my walks today is a hairstylist. The name of the hairstylist is sunny spelled Sunny and Shears. And a lot of hairstylists have puns in their names but that's gotta be just about the worst one I've ever seen. It's kind of impressive. The hairstylist also had a sign a big sign that said,

more for long hair

So that's a definition of the world _all_ that I don't think I was familiar with previously. While I was having my lunch I was somewhat productive: I put together some songs to play at tonight's show, and I also made some more CD labels. The guy who organizes the series of shows that I'm playing in said that, he, he claims that uh the crowd that tends to come to these shows is interested in buying CDs from the performers, and I was down to my last [three|few] CDs so coming up with more labels seemed like a good idea. Uh, it's perf', I, it--I'm really <chuckles> looking forward to, you know having time to sort of sit down and come up with my next CD which I hope will have more standardized labels that are not as labor intensive or creativity intensive as the current series. But, so, we'll see how it goes. Hope everyone's having a good weekend. So long.”

Transcribed by: cpr94
Tags: car, providence, puns, signs

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