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A few weeks ago, christychristy suggested that I try Synergy brand fermented kombucha drinks. I did so, and I find them to be a decent soda substitute; although they are almost (but not entirely) completely unlike soda, they are a little fizzy (from the fermentation I assume) and a little sweet (from the fruit), and they are kind of peasant to sip on.

There are various flavors. I think I like the guava kind best, but the raspberry and cranberry ones are also decent, and the strawberry one is acceptable. (The grape one seemed overly vinegary to me, and I've never tried the mango one as christychristy reported that it was vile.)

I was poking around online today to find a picture of the bottle to show some online friends, and I happened across this review, which I found very amusing. (Also, it contains a picture!) There is no doubt that this is pretty strong-tasting stuff and not to all tastes.

The ingredient list for the Raspberry Rush flavor is:
95% G.T.'s organic raw kombucha, raspberry juice, and 100% pure love!!!
Update: I found the product's official website: http://www.gtskombucha.com/synergy.html
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