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knitted blanket update

In mid-May, I bought seven skeins of Aunt Lydia's "Denim" Quick Crochet (that's what it says on the label, scare quotes included). Each skein contains 400 yards of yarn. So, 2800 yards of yarn.

After buying it, the question of what to do with it arose, and after a little thought I decided to try a Debbie Bliss knitted small blanket/wrap pattern. I've been working on it fairly steadily (with, admittedly, a couple of short breaks) since then, and I just finished my fourth skein. I guess that means I got through about 200 yards a month, or 65 six and a half yards a day.

I've knitted 356 rows, and the blanket is about 63 inches long at present.

The remaining work is: 34 rows, then casting off, then weaving in all the ends.

So I guess I'm in the home stretch.

Next up: a small bag. The pattern calls for one 90-yard skein. (I have the skein picked out; it's one I got for my birthday eight months ago. theresat spun and dyed it.)

Apparently there are small, quick patterns, and then there are patterns designed by Debbie Bliss.
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