Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

Music notes

When I play at events with a bunch of other songwriters, I get to compare myself to them, for better or worse.

I would say that my guitar playing is generally stylistically pretty different from most other singer-songwriter types. I don't use a pick, and I would describe my guitar playing (for the most part) as being pretty crude; I've learned a couple of pieces which have some complexity, but for the most part this hasn't translated to my original pieces (with the exception of the guitar version of 'Hybrid Car Blues', which is mostly ripped off from Robert Johnson's 'Kind Hearted Woman Blues').

The other thing I noticed last night is that I think I sang louder than anyone else on the stage, although it's a little hard to judge. (Is anyone in a position to verify this?) [I should note that the 'Songwriters in the Round' series is completely acoustic, with no PA or other amplification.]

As far as my lyrics go, my songs tend to be more upbeat than most, in attitude if not in actual content. Reading that, maybe I'm just trying to avoid saying that pretty much all of my songs are, on some level, funny, while other songwriters tend to write by and large serious or even sad songs.

This isn't really intentional on my part; I mean, I guess I like writing songs like that, and other people like hearing them, so it's worked out that way, but, well, I don't know. I guess I will just continue writing the songs that I want to write and will see what happens (which I imagine will be that most of them will be, or will aspire to be, funny).
Tags: performing, self-analysis

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