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leaving in the morning, plus crafting content

In the morning (at around 9:30 am) I'm getting on a plane to North Carolina, where I will be spending a few days with cgoldfish and wazroth. Man! I'll be back on Monday (supposed to be getting in at 1:50 pm).

katrinkles taught me how to crochet today -- which is to say that I managed to do a few rows of a bathmat pattern that I've been looking at since, oh, last May. Then I realized that I kind of messed up the first row or two and tore it all out. But I think the next attempt will go better, and hopefully won't have to do too much more ripping out.

Last week I started a baby blanket which is a sort of cable stitch sampler; it was something to work on while I was waiting to be taught how to crochet. It went faster than I expected, so the main bits are all done; all that remains is to sew the pieces together, then knit a border (unless I want to make it bigger, but I think it's actually an OK size, especially if I give it a big border). I'll work on sewing it together this weekend if the DHS confiscates my crochet hook.

After SNB I went to Nick-a-Nees to see a band called the Wippets. They were disappointed that I didn't bring my accordion. (They've never heard me play it; they're just aware that I own one.) I told them I would bring it to open mike on Friday.

While I was at Nick-a-Nees it is possible that a woman hit on me, although it was hard for me to tell because I'm not used to it and also she was kind of drunk. She also said that her friend, who was also at the bar and whose name I forget but who does a cappella renditions of 'Bohemian Rhapsody' and 'Space Oddity' at open mikes around town, told her that I was standoffish, which might be true. (That is, it might be true that he told her that, and it also might be true that I'm standoffish.) Anyway, I talked to her for a little while until the meatball sandwich I ordered arrived, at which point she went back to her group of friends.

I'm not sure if I'll be checking livejournal or email before Monday, so if not, I hope you all have good weekends!
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